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The Vakil Abad is one of the boulevards of Mashhad and also the largest urban boulevards of Iran after the Valiasr boulevard of Tehran.

This area is located in west side of the city and is privileged to have better weather and climate in comparison to the east side. On the other hand, the Vakil Abad forest park of Mashhad is considered as the largest recreational and touristy park of the city.

This park is located exactly at the end of the Vakil Abad boulevard accompanied by very excellent and enjoyable climate, built in an area with more than 70 hectare space.

The Vakil Abad forest park of Mashhad is among the important recreational attractions of the city since 1969.
The park is hosting large number of visitors from all over the world, due to having very spectacular landscapes and seasonal rivers.
A large number of trees are supported via the Vakil Abad aqueduct. The Vakil Abad park was known also as the Vakil garden in the past.

The Vakil Abad forest park is located exactly in 8kilometers northwest of Mashhad.

The park can be considered as one of the most popular and crowded promenades of the city because of an exceptional position, close to the Torqabeh famous promenade and some amenities added during recent years such as buffet, restaurant, game tools, renovated swimming pools, amusement park, natural material flooring etc.

It is noteworthy that the Koohestan amusement park, The Shadi park of Mashhad and the Mashhad zoo are also close to this interesting park.
Actually, the broad and very beautiful Vakil Abad boulevard, connects the Azadi Sq. to the Vakil Abad forest park.
The park is an old and very famous attraction due to having large number of pine, plantain, and cypress trees located in a very pleasant area accompanied by various current streams.

The park was also known as another name called Mirtaraz which was dedicated officially to public use via its owner, Mr. Hossain Makel.

The park was transferred to the municipality of Mashhad and is under supervision of the 9th district of this organization at the moment.
The Vail Abad zoo located next to the Vakil Abad forest park is the only zoo of the Mashhad and the Khorasan-e Razavi province.

This zoo consists of wide range of carnivorous animals, aquatics and different birds. The Vakil Abad forest park was renovated by natural materials in 2013.
Most parts of the park was built via granite stone due to its beauty as well as high degree of strength.

Make the more safe structures, construct a bridge, build 60 W.C, flooring, construct wide range sidewalks and stairs, build a greenhouse and botanical garden etc. are among other activities that have been done during recent years.
This beautiful park is attracting many Mashhad citizens and also pilgrims of the Imam Reza holy shrine every week to create best and enjoyable moments in the pilgrimage city of Mashhad.
If you intend to travel to the Mashhad and visit its variety of spectacular destinations, the Vakil Abad forest park is highly recommended to you.

Here, dear passengers can enjoy the most diverse plant coverage and experience one of their exceptional travels.
In addition, the public transportation system such as subway station is also available to reach the Vakil Abad forest park easily and in short time.
On the other hand, other important projects are also under construction in this attractive park to provide more joy and happiness for dear guests from all over the world.
This mountain park includes variety of entertainment facilities, amusement park, bank, police emergencies, medical services, parking, food stands etc. to guarantee relaxing moments for dear tourists.

It is clear that the park will be developed more based on the schedules on the run by the Mashhad municipality.

We strongly suggest you not to lose exciting moments of this amazing forest park and create unforgettable memories for you and your companions.

Hope to have most interesting moments in the pilgrimage city of Mashhad.

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