Azou plains – A dream at the foot of Damavand

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Azou plains – A dream at the foot of Damavand

Azou plains – A dream at the foot of Damavand

Azou plains – A dream at the foot of Damavand

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you are asked to name a natural landmark of Iran? For most of us, this is probably the snow-covered peak of Damavand. No matter where we live, or even if we have seen Damavand, this tallest peak of Iran awakens feelings of pride and magnificence in our hearts. Climbing to the peak of the tallest volcano in the Middle East is no easy task; but it is possible to see it a little closer up this time. This journey will take you on a promenade to one of Damavand’s foothills and open a window to see this lovely peak from a different angle.

Azou is a lush pasture covered with mountain plants measuring 35 hectares. It is a 2-hour drive from Tehran, at the foothills of Damavand with a magnificent view of the peak. Springs and summers in the plain are very cool and the winters are often very snowy. This alluring pasture is on the Firouzkouh-Amol road and can be reached via Nava village, where most of the inhabitants are cottagers from Amol.

Azou is in fact slightly different from what we think of as a plain. It is more of a foothill and moor covered with a velvety green vegetation in the spring.

Recreation in Azou

1.    Hiking and promenading at the foot of Damavand

2.    Shooting the picturesque scenery

3.    Camping and picnicking

4.    Climbing up to Pashureh station

5.    Watching the night sky of Azou

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